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Devon & Wendel . . .

After meeting Cyrus for the first time and discussing our ideas, we soon realised that he was the ideal fit for what we wanted for our special day.

He put us at ease straight away with his professionalism and his enthusiasm for photography.

Cyrus was fantastic on the wedding day and guests commented on his friendly approach and how well he blended in with the wedding party – with most not even realising he was taking photos!

After receiving our photographs, it was even better than we had imagined. Cyrus had captured every moment during the wedding with his keen eye for photography and went above and beyond to capture those special moments.

We highly recommend Cyrus – he doesn’t disappoint!


Jenni & Graham . . .

Cyrus was incredible at our recent Blessing.

It was a very sensitive service and Cyrus blended perfectly into the background whilst still capturing the emotions on the day. We have some beautiful photos that we can use for many years to come.

He was also very quick at getting them over to us and offered different options in terms of colour and black and white.

Very talented and we can’t wait to see what he does at our wedding next year!

bride and groom kissing in a vineyard

Fiona & Simon . . .

Cyrus photographed our wedding and we can't recommend him highly enough.

Cyrus is easy going but very professional and puts you and your guests at ease throughout the day.

He blends in perfectly with the wedding day and most importantly takes fantastic photos.

We were so pleased that he was part of our special day.


Amy & Dan . . .

We picked Cyrus to be our photographer for our relaxed barn wedding based on a glowing recommendation, and couldn’t have been happier with our choice!

From the outset he was professional, thorough and most importantly friendly, making us feel really comfortable with planning and actually being photographed on the day (no mean feat when you hate being photographed!).

He listened to all of our ideas for what kind of photographs we wanted, made suggestions and even showed us some examples to really help us get the photos we wanted of our day.

On the day itself Cyrus was calm, and blended seamlessly into the background to take lots of candid shots of everyone. That’s not to say he was invisible – in fact he went above and beyond to remove a HUGE hornet from the bridal prep cottage for which I’ll forever be grateful!

The effort and passion which Cyrus puts in to his work really translated to some beautiful photographs.

We have a lovely mixture of posed, candid and arty shots, all of them edited and finished to a professional standard.

We can’t recommend Cyrus enough – he is genuinely passionate, honest and a great photographer.


Sharon & Desmond . . .

Cyrus was the photographer for us once we had set a date. It was the best decision we ever made.

This is one of those important decisions you make in your life’s milestones that will live and love on forever.

Cyrus made our day magical. He was quiet, stealthy, always in the right place at the right moment, gentle & precise with his requests, absolutely hilarious when creating a mood or shot he knew would work and a consummate gentleman, and a master at capturing a moment that will live on forever.

We received our photos 4 weeks after our wedding and we sat with a cup of tea, a box of tissues and laughed and cried for hours.

Cyrus captured moments always lost in time and translation and he froze them forever, so we can all go back to that day, that moment and see and feel it all over again, years from now. That to us is absolutely priceless.

Cyrus, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loving contribution to our happiest day.

Your love for the craft and love to the attention to detail in each and every photograph is felt and appreciated by us and our whole family.

Life is about making good choices and Cyrus is one of those.


Dina & Andrew . . .

We hired Cyrus as our wedding photographer and were more than surprised at the lengths he went to with his professionalism in the run-up to the wedding, and on the day.

His work is much to be admired and whilst taking remarkable photographs which we will cherish, he managed to stay in the background to take some great, natural photos of guests without the need for them to pose offering us genuine pictures and reminders of the day.

The guests loved him because of his personable nature and mild manner, and were able to interact with him throughout the day.

On the morning of the wedding, with all the anticipation of the day ahead, Cyrus was able to take some exceptional background photographs of the unfamiliar Greek traditions as they unfolded and the many family members who had gathered at the house.

He was a delight to have around, without being overpowering like many photographers can be.

As the Greek traditions were explained to him beforehand, Cyrus knew what to expect and was able to capture the events without any problems, which gave us great results.

The task set for Cyrus did not faze him in the least, which we are most grateful for and wish to thank him immensely.

We have used Cyrus since for other family events, and will continue to do so in the future … Highly Recommended.


Sweta & Lee . . .

Cyrus is a very personable guy who really puts you at ease.

He was a massive help to us on our big day. Most of all, he takes exceptionally good photographs.


Dhun & Staff . . .

The search for a wedding photographer is just as important as finding the right dress for the day, you want to cherish your photos for the rest of your lives and it’s the only opportunity to capture the essence and atmosphere of the occasion.

As others have mentioned the day just goes by so fast it’s difficult to remember everything.

When we met Cyrus and saw his work we just knew that he was the right guy for the job, we were absolutely delighted with the results.

We asked Cyrus for just a few formal shots but really wanted more casual photos to capture the day and that’s exactly what we got.

Every photo took us back to that moment in time throughout the day and you could see how much fun our guests were having, which was so lovely for us to see.

On the day Cyrus was extremely professional and you hardly noticed he was there.

We got to see our photos digitally a few weeks after the wedding, each one retouched to perfection as that is how Cyrus works, he is a perfectionist!

We were so delighted with the photos of our special day, we booked Cyrus again to take some photos of our little boy a few months after he was born.

Our second little one is on the way and you guessed it we have already booked him again!


Elizabeth & Owen . . .

We hired Cyrus as our wedding photographer and he was great on the day.

He's got a great sense of humour which put us both at ease no end, and also helped him get great natural shots of all our guests enjoying themselves.

He took an amazing amount of shots so we could make sure we had some great pictures for our album, but there was quality AND quantity, so we are currently spoilt for choice!

We looked at our pictures around 3 weeks after the wedding and they were all retouched to a great standard, colours and contrast really popped, I was blemish free (which isn't usually the case!) and the wife looked gorgeous (which usually is).

I was cautious when hiring a wedding photographer as it's a good amount of money to spend, and they only have one chance to get it right, but I certainly made the right choice hiring Cyrus, he was a consummate professional from start to finish and I would hire him again for sure.


Susannah & Ian . . .

Cyrus was our wedding photographer and captured our day brilliantly.

From pre-wedding rituals to candid snaps of family and friends everything was included.

At no point were the photographs invasive, while the details that were covered were incredible, especially the little things that we would have otherwise missed.

A full range of photos were taken that have given us many happy memories of our day.


Leonie & Rory . . .

We were very happy with the service Cyrus provided on our wedding day.

Our beautiful photos captured the dynamic energy of our celebrations with sensitive detail to every ritual from morning until night.

We cherish the pictures and thank Cyrus for his expertise and professional handling in recording our memories and beloved family and friends on our special day.


Karen & Duncan . . .

Cyrus was so organised and thought of things that would never enter our heads to fantastic effect.

On the day he got the most out of everyone and didn't miss a single guest either daytime or evening.

We regularly look back at the wonderful pictures and the variety of shots still enable us to see new things that we were too busy to see on the day.

I have been to weddings where the photographer thinks they are more important than the happy couple but Cyrus knows just when and where to appear to get the right picture at the right time.

Thank you Cyrus, for capturing our fantastic day so beautifully.


Caroline & Tony . . .

After much looking around my wife and I decided to go with Cyrus.

We were not disappointed, throughout the day he was professional and nothing was too much trouble (which was handy as my wife has a large family who kept asking for extra group photos).

After the big day we had some great photos and as well as the colour and black & white discs that were ours to keep at no extra cost we had an incredibly designed album which I know I am biased but makes all of our friend’s wedding albums seem bland!

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